Vasileios Angelidakis is teaching a new MSc course on Discrete Element Simulations

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May 1, 2023 – The Discrete Element Method (DEM) is an essential numerical tool for the simulation of granular materials, and is central to many research projects of the MSS.

This semester, Vasileios Angelidakis teaches a new MSc course entitled Discrete Element Simulations, which he designed to enhance the DEM-Education activities of the group. This course provides a combination of theoretical and practical sessions which are focused on the modelling of discrete systems. Well-established concepts from granular mechanics are taught jointly with computer sessions, where practical experience is gained using the open-source DEM software YADE.

The course is offered to various postgraduate programmes of FAU, namely MSc in Chemical and Biological Engineering, MSc in Chemical Engineering – Sustainable Chemical Technologies, MSc in Life Science Engineering, and MSc in Mechatronics.